choose wisely, choose cafféSUR

Our Story

We are a family-owned and operated coffee company that has been selling specialty coffee in South Florida. Our mission is to provide an outstanding specialty coffee and we believe that fresh coffee is great coffee so we only roast in small batches to insure you get the freshest coffee available.

Starting with the single idea of offering whole bean specialty coffees, we started the business with an eye on the future.  We know a lot about business and growing a business; these thing include having a superior product, great packaging, understanding the needs of the market including trends, and determining how we can make it better.  Having worked for so many other companies and helped them grow, it’s time to grow one of our own.

Want a great cup of coffee? Choose wisely, Choose cafféSUR.


As the company grows we will donate a portion of our profits to an organization that helps you farmers see themselves as entrepreneurs and develop skills to launch their own businesses.