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Our Story

cafféSUR all started with an assignment given in my high school corporate law class.  We were told to come up with a business idea and then work through the process.  I had recently started drinking coffee as a way to be more alert during the morning because many mornings I was just tired and that fatigue carried through the day. I also noticed that a large number of my fellow students were also drinking expensive coffee from that company out of Seattle.

The idea was hatched and the work began.  I knew a little about coffee but when I started researching, it became clear that I needed some help.  I searched for partners and found the perfect one right in my own house.  What better partners to have than your own parents, they knew me best and are both business people.   

We first worked on a name that would represent our product, a twist on the word caffe (coffee) and since we are based in south (Sur) Florida, cafféSUR was born.  From there we designed a logo and bags that would standout from the rest.  We then sourced our green coffee beans from the mountains of central and south America.  We then found a local roaster that could roast the beans to our specifications. 

We decided to offer whole bean coffees first because you get stronger more flavorful cup of coffee. All the taste is in the bean oils and they evaporate once the beans are ground up.  We believe that our whole bean coffees, medium and dark roasts, are the most flavorful available.

Want a great cup of coffee? Choose wisely, Choose cafféSUR.

As the company grows we will donate a portion of our profits to an organization that helps you farmers see themselves as entrepreneurs and develop skills to launch their own businesses.