choose wisely, choose cafféSUR

Our First Store Placement

Amici Market of Palm Beach

This week Amici Market of Palm Beach took our product in and is making it available for sale in their store.   We are humbled by this opportunity to add our brand to the many offerings that Amici’s has and will be their regularly sampling to their customers. 

We sold our first bag less than 6 months ago and are excited about this opportunity and the others we have been working on.   If you haven’t had an opportunity to visit our “About Page” let me tell you a little about our goal.  My goal! The idea for this business came from a project/challenge in one of my high school classes last fall.  I took the project and with the support of my family put together cafféSUR as a business that I could develop as I continued my education.  My goal is that while in college to continue working on this and growing it like we have over the last 9 months. 

If I stay on point during these upcoming years, I will have an established business when I graduate and will not have to look for work or have to work for someone else!  I have lots of plans and ideas for the coming years such as adding K-cups to our line, some additional blends, location specific blends, and even a water enhancement beverage.  I believe that our logo is so strong that I could even add it to clothing.

So to have Amici Market give us a chance it’s a chance I am grateful for and want to make the product a success for them.  If you have never been to Amici Market, it’s worth the trip from anywhere in South Florida. In addition to our great coffee they offer gourmet foods, wines, and a shopping experience you cannot find anywhere in South Florida.  What an amazing place!  Check them out on social media and their reviews on yelp will only confirm what I have written.