choose wisely, choose cafféSUR

Coffee and College Students: The Perfect Match

There is a lot of talk about how coffee pairs well with a variety of different things.  Coffee and chocolate, coffee and barbecue even coffee and ice cream! But perhaps the most perfect duo of all is coffee and college students.  Long before 5 Hour Energy shots and massive, sugar-loaded neon green drinks, there was just one thing that powered the dreary eyed college student—coffee!

Coffee is a very versatile drink whether a college student needs creativity fluid or study juice.  Coffee can even cure procrastination or, at the very least, make up for it at the end of a semester.

If You Have Coffee, They Will Come 

We all know the statement, “if there is free pizza, they will come.”  Hold any group meeting, study session or club get-together and make sure you provide free pizza—the college students will come flocking!  But we have also noticed this same trend when it comes to coffee shops on campus.  Whether it’s free or not, if coffee is present in the library, the cafeteria, the student commons or even just down the street from the dorms, there will be college students, laptops, highlighters and stacks of books nearby. 

Coffee Breaks 

Coffee isn’t just the perfect study companion; it also lends itself in facilitating the most important part of college—socializing!  More college students are drinking coffee than ever before. It doesn’t have to be finals or midterm time to know that college students love their coffee.  Friends hit up the coffee shop on their way to their first class to get a boost before a long day of lectures.

Teachers Love It Too! 

But let’s not forget that coffee isn’t just for students!  What about the people on the other side of the lectern? Professors and teaching assistants need coffee just as much as those snoozing students. Grading papers and preparing lesson plans isn’t the glamorous life we’re all led to believe it is—unless coffee is involved.

Choose wisely, choose cafféSUR